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War Footage

A Bullett Riddled Van. Monrovia, 2001PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

This footage is not suitable for children.

Parental / Teacher Guidance Strongly Advised

We have been intimately involvement during this tragic period of Liberia's history.

We have included this film footage of the civil war because we believe you cannot truly help people go forward until you have sought to understand some of where they have come from.

Our objective is to help restore hope, build confidence and create opportunity for our Liberian friends and colleagues and the wider community.

Liberia is taking its first tentative steps to recovering from 14 years of the most brutal, tragic Civil War that left not one family in the Country untouched.

We hope this Viewing helps you understand a little more and feel some of the many silent tears shed for so many lives lost, so many brutally abused and a nation brought to its knees.

Get involved with us in bringing hope and opportunity or join us and Give if you are able to.

This will enable us to do so much more...

Thank you.

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